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Chipper gristle, carbon crust,

Darkened rissole if you must,

Trump half-charred, watch him sound off:

Body politic is browned off.


Roastie with a crispy coat,

Toastie tinged with creosote:

Crispy rind and spud-u-burned,

Truth cremated and inurned.


Crunching on the smoking slice,

Burning like a sacrifice:

It’s over-heated, over-fried –

Republican acrylamide.


Fast food with a charcoal taste,

Morals blazing, hope laid waste,

Fire in the nation’s pants, sir –

Every day, a growing cancer.


Do not trust what’s cooked in lard

And singed and very likely charred:

His lies are made of phoney cash.

He wants to grind you into ash.


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Well-done toast and roast potatoes will give you cancer, according to the Food Standards Agency.

25 January 2017


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