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There’s The Rub

I’m heading for my fortieth wink

Belisha lamp beside my bed

I’ve shunned all alcoholic drink

I’ve frozen all my daily bread

I’ve had my seven-thirty worry

And turned my nostrils up at curry


I’m climbing up the wooden hill

I’ve locked my phone inside the car

My tablet’s in the fridge to chill

The dog and cat I’ve had to bar –

They don’t want me to suffer, do they?

Exactly. Keep them off my duvet


Despite the usual aggravation

I’ve had no contretemps or tiff

Since half past three, no altercation

(Verbal cordite? Not a whiff) –

Bring me sack and bring me hay

I’m setting course for Dreamland. Yay


But in the night, my sleep goes bump

Is it BoJo’s constant gurning?

Is it Daesh? Is it Trump?

Is it Putin’s fire burning?

Is it Nigel’s perma-bleat?

Or these two bed-socks on my feet?



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There’s The Rub

The Global Council for Brain Health issued a series of tips to help the over-50s to sleep. These included confining worrying to fifteen minutes, not arguing in the evening, and wearing bed-socks.

12 January 2017


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