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Some of us have jam on it

Some of us have cream

We know from what you cram on it

What tribe you are, what team


Some are posh, it is well known

Some are woebegone

Some of you pronounce it scone

And some are left with scone


Pronunciation marks you down

As either North or rich

As urban fool or country clown

A scone shows which is which


A longer o betrays your birth

That you have scones for supper

A shorter o, for what it’s worth

And you neck it with a cuppa


A word is like a scone as well

A signature of wealth

A word may make you go to hell

Injurious to your health


How does one pronounce farage

Whose vices one disparages?

A scone takes butter, maybe marge

But cream if scoffed at Claridge’s


The point of this linguistic grump

Is that we care for meaning

For instance, what we mean by trump

Is narcissistic, preening


Bigoted and bullyboy

Mean-spirited as sin

Sans truth, sans care, sans sense, sans joy

An empty-hearted grin




Click here for a Telegraph article




According to YouGov, the nation is divided by the pronunciation of ‘scone’. Donald Trump gained ground in the last week before the US elections

3 November 2016


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