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Modelling Through

Observe the Spanish catwalk:
No skinny Minnies, please.
Let's see how well the fat walk,
With blubber thighs and knees.

Applaud the way they wobble,
In the latest killer gear –
And let them scoff and gobble.
(But don't pinch them in the rear.)

Now give them combat fashions,
And watch how well they waddle:
The West must eat good rations
If it wants to be a model.

In the other world, the poorer
May have many lines to flaunt,
But they lack designer aura.
It's a pity they're so gaunt.

Modelling Through
The organisers of this week's Madrid Fashion Week are excluding models with a body mass index of below 18, to “project an image of beauty and health”. Those with a low BMI will be offered medical help.
21 September 2006


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