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Chinese Emperors

Beware the Chinese Emperors

Beware their Eastern jive

Beware the way they settle scores

Or have you flayed alive


Take Mae Kuh Go, so glib of lips

Intransigent and fishy

He’s had his rice, and also chips

For being washy-wishy


Take Bo Ri Sjo, the man who conned

Himself that he was macho

When he was dumb and very blonde

And couldn’t run a chatshow


Take Li Am Fo, the danger mouse

His mouth awash with soap

The Doctor like a jolly louse –

With a greasy stethoscope


They run the gauntlet and the screw

The wheel and also rack

All brittle pots, I say to you

Who call the kettle black


For they are Chinese Emperors

The dynasts of the dark

And when they make a common cause

Think fondly of the shark




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Chinese Emperors

Michael Gove, suggested Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor, was like the Chinese emperors who refused to accept criticism. MG has recently had an irony bypass.

24 October 2016


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