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Foreign object


No more foreign surgeons

Opening up our skin

Wise but foreign virgins

Don’t apply within


No more foreign students

No more foreign nurses

Foreign means imprudence

No more foreign verses


Those with the temerity

To be born abroad

We curse your insincerity

We hate your foreign fraud


Recall when seeing quacks meant

A British how’d-you-do?

We do not like your accent

We are not fond of you


Inside our iron mitten

There lurks our iron thumb –

Why not born in Britain?

Honestly, how come?


No more foreign money

No more foreign meals

On your vélo, sonny

With your foreign spiels


Not human? Not mammalian?

We are a parasite?

Of course. We are all alien:

We’re on the Tory right




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Foreign object

Fewer foreign doctors (Hunt). Fewer foreign students (May). Fewer foreign businesspeople (Rudd). Fewer foreign fruit-pickers (Leadsom).

October 5 2016


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