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The Acne of Success


I am the Scarlet Pimple,

Half-hidden in the skin:

My message to you’s simple –

The losers often win.


Check out my inflammation

To see me bawl and boil:

I’m the whiteheads’ new sensation

And leak a dirty oil.


Yes Donald is your uncle,

With weird and blotchy lips:

I am the Great Carbuncle

And I will pop my pips.


Does abscess make you fonder?

Will I be last to quit?

If this is Fate, I’ve conned her –

For I’m a Giant Zit.


But anyway I trust you’ll

Admire my simple schlock,

The purulence of my pustule,

The long life of my pock.


I am the japer's jester,

By one tight spot accursed.

But here I aim to fester

Until, of course, I burst.


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The Acne of Success

People who suffer from spots in adolescence are alleged to live longer. Donald Trump lost the first presidential debate, and said he had underperformed to avoid embarrassing Clinton.

28 September 2016


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