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Double Jeopardy

The thin air of Blair, and now
the not-so-thin heir
of Blair: a man
with manse in his pants.

After the slick, the span:
the fat chancellor, you might say,
the new broom bristling
instead of the old gorse whistling.

Will it cause a stir,
moving from BL- to BR- ?
Are they birds of
the same feather? Has anyone
seen them
in the same room together?

After Florence, Zebedee?
Is this (in a magic
roundabout sort of a way) double
trouble, or
the new law of jeopardy?

There's no denial:
it'll be
a new trial.

Double Jeopardy
For the first time in 800 years, a case was successfully prosecuted –one which would have formerly been impossible under the now-defunct law of double jeopardy (the 14th century law which laid down that you couldn't be tried twice for the same crime).
12 September 2006


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