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General Knowledge


Facts are what you think they are,

a left-wing masquerade,

like travelling on the Eurostar –

drilled out with foreign aid –


and science (as we knew it, Stinks)

is socialist old hat,

as dangerous as is the minx

that spoils our habitat.


Quite frankly we do not exist

to save a neighbour’s soul –

as when we call a spot a cyst

when really it’s a mole.


Immigrants aren’t proper folk

but prisoners on the run:

they live on global artichoke

and hate the midday sun –


they’re quite as bad as refugees

who carry foreign bugs

they picked up travelling overseas.

They are a bunch of thugs.


Asylum seekers eat their own

with our beloved chips,

or starve themselves till skin and bone

and bring apocalypse –


you cannot trust a patent truth,

Wikipedia is a fiddle:

the Syrian has no wisdom tooth

and has no thumbs to twiddle.


Don’t claim you know an absolute.

My knowledge runs much deeper:

England! There’s no substitute.

Am I my brother’s keeper?





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General Knowledge

UKIP’s Douglas Carswell insisted that the sun, and not the moon, governed the tides.

21 September 2016


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