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Fantastic Mr Fox

O I am just a chicken

But very cock-a-hoop:

You make my sinews thicken

When you are near my coop


Would make you drool and slaver

To see my chicken legs

I wish that you could have a

Butcher’s at my eggs


For you are kind and gentle

And never talk baloney

You never seem judgmental

O my dear Volpone


Your paws are soft and pink

Your fur as red as rust

Please God you never sink

To working for a crust


The local hounds adore you

So torpid and so tubby

They’ll all be waiting for you

Are grateful you are chubby


Yes swish your russet brush

And smooth your well-slicked hair

We layers love to hear your gush

Your counsels of despair


O you have so much taste

You love yourself like crazy

We hens have long embraced

The fact you’re fat and lazy




Click here for a Guardian story


A reminder of The Guardian in 2011



Fantastic Mr Fox

Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, suggested that British businessmen were 'fat and lazy'

12 September 2016


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