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Mr. Speaker, as you gather,

There has been a recent vote,

And I offer you this blather:

We’re together in this boat –


Not to mince my words, nor duck,

Nor to play the shuckster, no, no,

Nor to palter, pass the buck,

Nor to vacillate nor yo-yo –


When we’re out, we will be out,

We will not prevaricate,

Let the bush be beat about,

Will nor palter, will not prate –


Will not waffle, hog the fence,

Try a dodge, equivocation,

But will talk of common sense

And eschew tergiversation –


Will avoid a mere confusion,

Or the rank smell of a selfie –

When I come to our conclusion,

It will not be off-the-shelfy –


Will not throw a smokescreen, fudge it,

Nor be casuist nor cop out,

Draw a straight line, will not smudge it,

So the clarity can’t drop out –


Will not offer twaddle, gabble,

Have no run-around to retail,

Will not offer waffle, babble,

But go into micro-detail –


As for fibs, as in a tissue,

I won’t pussyfoot or hedge,

Will not steam or cloud the issue,

I make this a solemn pledge –


It is time, not for some jive,

Nor for starting merry chases,

So I’ll neither duck nor dive,

Nor put on my Janus faces –


Thanks for listening. Is it crystal?

Here’s the sea. We travel shoreward:

Let us fire our starting pistol –

Be proactive, going forward.



Click here for Davis’s full, coruscating plan




David Davis set out his vision for Brexit.

September 6 2016


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