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Beyond The Pay

The fact that I earn in a minute

More than you earn in a week

That’s just how it crumbles innit

That’s your problem so to speak

Where’s your power of invention?

Wasted like your old age pension


I put pennies in your pocket

Help you with some extra change

That my pay is like a rocket

Shouldn’t seem so very strange

Listen to you, TV pundit

I own all the ads that fund it


Jealousy, sang Billy Fury

Big mistake, a hatecrime frankly

I’m the judge and hang the jury

Would be best if you would thank me

Think that you’re an equal, shall you?

I am truly better value


More sense in my baby tootsie

Than you have in your grey cells

I’m the winner on the FTSE

I’m the one who rings the bells

Anyway I’ve read your emails –

For God’s sake, some of you are females



Read the report here

Beyond The Pay

CEO pay in the top FTSE firms went up by 10% over the last year

9 August 2016


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