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May Poll


Welcome to the top of the greasy poll, Theresa

You diamanté geezer

No dodgy dossier, so no need to sex it

Simply Brexit Means Brexit

(The voce was rather blotto

Who thought up this imbecilic motto)

This is your chance to look imperial

Though it’s a pity you have to work with such unpromising material

Such as Hunt and Whittingdale, don’t get me started

I could not bear to be more downhearted

Will you keep Boris, keep Michael

The clowns who couldn’t decide who was riding the unicycle?

They’re saying you need a broad church and a big tent

Though trying to be inclusive in your case is a fig ment

Better be ho, better be gung

After Göttercämerung

While the lips are still wet from booing his piety

And mocking, the thought of it, the Big Society

It may be the end of the crew from the Vars’ty

But the party still has the capacity to be extremely Nars'ty

(Take Angela Leadsom

Who said some

Peculiar things about women and gays and religion and hunting

So please don’t hang out the bunting

For her) –

You may prefer

Elevating a hanger as well

(Step forward Priti Patel)

But really I’d rather you stuck with the less fervent

Who may be more observant

Obviously you’re a Conservative so I won’t hold my breath or expect to offer hurrahs

As much chance as finding life on Mars

Which your pals would probably find inferior

And unfriendly bacteria




May is PM (BBC)


Daily Mirror on Mars





May Poll

Teresa May is PM. Life is now thought to exist on Mars.

12 July 2016


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