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Bin Bugs

I'm a little bin bug, firmly placed.
Keeping tiny eyes on your household waste.
Are you careless? Are you hoarders?
I record you. These are orders.

I'm a little bin bug, with my chip,
Measuring when you need a costly skip.
Cardboard? Hardboard? Shouldn't be together!
Separate a dead dog from its leather tether.

Eye you, spy; I'm an ID card,
Snooping through refuse in your old back yard.
I'm a little bin bug, smuggled in your grot.
Are you mean or green? I know your lot.

I'm a little bin bug. You're at risk.
I'm a little metal in a plastic disc.
Thought your life was oh-so-uninvadable?
Half a million bugs, neither bio- nor degradable!

I'm a little bin bug. I'm a little rotter.
Swipe me, I'm a semi-licensed totter.
You think you're thin, but I know you're fat.
You're never more than ten feet from a council rat.

Bin Bugs
Half a million wheelie-bins are said to have been secretly fitted with electronic spy devices to determine whether too much waste has been placed in them.
30 August 2006


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