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Sayonara Michael

O I have no charisma

O I am drained of plasma

I have no true machismo

My world is a miasma


O I possess no glamour

No moral and no fibre

My speeches are inflamma

But up a private Khyber


O yes I sank his U-Boa

Was Boris’s torpedo

Why hint that I’m a bubo

With minimal libido


Why paint me as a namby

Whose guts won’t make a garter

As gauche as baby Bambi?

I’m strictly a non-starter


I stand for all the prattlers

Whose tongues are pure saliva

I know I’m not Charles Atlas

I’m hardly worth a fiver


Here is my last Da Sousa

No scruple, no compunction

But this: I am a loser

Give me your final unction


I stand here, I’m abysma

A dismal old persona

For I have no charisma

And my fide isn’t bona

Sayonara Michael

“I know my limitations. Whatever charisma is I don’t have it, whatever glamour may be I don’t think anyone could ever associate me with it” – Michael Gove announces his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister.

6 July 2015


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