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I am the guy with the placard

I am the guy with the banner

You are the principal blackguard

You have a mighty-high manner


Look at the letters I’m waving

Look at your face on my pole

You are the one who is raving

Have a look into your soul


Yes I am holding a headline

My placard is more than a sabre

For you I am drawing a red line

You’re playing Beggar My Labour


Ah you’ve acquired a billboard

You’re waving it gaily I swear

Nevertheless I am still bored

It tells me I ought to Back Blair


Oh you have purchased a logo

Oh you have bought up an ad

This one says Tony-A-Go-Go

How much I wish that you had


Purchase yourself a new cipher

And hide in the margins asleep

You used to be someone to die for

Go home now and don’t make a peep




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“There’s a guy whose face is on the placard. That’s me: hate that guy. You’re the person in power taking difficult decisions. Jeremy [Corbyn] is the guy with the placard, he’s the guy holding it. One’s the politics of power and the other’s the politics of protest.” Tony Blair.

8 June 2016


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