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No Smoke...

Harry Lime has smoked enough;
Maigret never lit his pipe;
Both will soon run out of puff;
Tobacco doesn't suit their type.

In Cool Hand Luke, the latest regs
Ensure that Newman didn't chew
So many of those hard-boiled eggs:
It really isn't good for you.

In Trainspotting, drugs are off the scene:
The needles, any sign of smack's
Been axed. The characters are clean,
And hunt for numbers, anoraks.

Afghanistan? The troops, retiring,
Are kind. And no-one needs a gun:
No smoke now, as there is no firing.
The nightly news is full of fun.

No Smoke...
Three 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons have had images of Tom smoking edited out of them, after complaints from Ofcom. Similar edits are to take place in 'The Flintstones' and 'Scooby Doo'.
23 August 2006


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