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The Men in Menthol, 1966-2016

Goodbye dear Consulate, old friend,

Epitome of cool,

A smoke which we could recommend

When we were still at school:

Its faintly medicated taste

Was what the younger tongues embraced.


When showing off a polo-neck,

And desert-booted feet,

A menthol cig, with quick effect,

Would make the scene complete:

Girls, as any idiot knows,

Liked minty smoke blown up their nose.


Donovan caps askew on hair,

Paisley scarves tied twice,

Hipsters flared, we dared to dare –

Like nerds of paradise:

Without our menthol tabs to smoke,

We might have looked a total joke.






Click here for a Yorkshire Post article by Sarah Freeman.







The Men in Menthol, 1966-2016

Menthol cigarettes are to be phased out.

26 March 2016


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