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Disaster for Recipes

This is a crossroads, with stakes

Where the gibbets are waiting for fools

This is where Mary new-bakes

This is where Jamie fed Jools


This is where worlds may collide

Where suicides live in unrest

This is where futures are fried* *(or poached, or lightly steamed)

Where Delia always knows best


A shock here for all the unwary

Deciding the fate of the planet

This is where Bikers are Hairy

The home of the foodiest gannet


Nuclear war is no greater

It Doesn’t Get Tougher Than This

This is the home of the Slater

Where Fanny gave Johnny a kiss


The world may be heading for doom

There’s a bunch of assassins in town

Please give Nigella some room!

Don’t take the recipes down


Oh how the world’s ropes go slack

How it teeters upon the old precipes

Thank goodness you’ve posted them back

Thank goodness for BBC recipes




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Disaster for Recipes

To show it meant business, the BBC determined to take down its 11,000 online recipes. In the face of world crisis, over 120,000 people signed a petition, and the BBC simply moved them instead

18 May 2016


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