the weekly


Here I swell the charmless army

Still of course uniquely smarmy

Back to life, my death denied

Freshly from the other side


With my low lids and my smirk,

I have been returned to work –

Remunerated, so one hopes.

Bring me your brown envelopes.


I am Welsh as Welsh can be:

I’ll Welsh on you if paid a fee –

I will eat Glamorgan bangers

If you don’t report my clangers


My eyes are dead, the pupils stilled;

With bara brith my mouth is filled –

I will leave you tired, trembly

When I reach the Welsh Assembly


I am back from far beyond

The Devil’s strange and idle pond –

As Christine says with much disdain

A pity they can’t wake my brain



Click here for a Telegraph story (Bioquark)


Click here for an Independent story (Hamilton)







A US company, Bioquark Inc, is to try to regenerate the brains of twenty dead people. Neil Hamilton returned to public office as a UKIP member of the Welsh Assembly.

May 6 2016


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