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Bad Dream In Disneyland

Sun-tan seekers stand in shock,
Killing time around the block,
Lying deadbeat on the sand:
Bad dream time at Disneyland.

Possessions in a plastic bag,
The time in Tyre seems to drag,
Life and limbs are contraband:
Bad dream time at Disneyland.

Mother, sister, brother, daughter,
All deprived of drinking water,
This man's had his head trepanned:
Bad dream time at Disneyland.

Flights and holidays delayed,
Terrible for tourist trade,
No-one left to lend a hand:
Bad dream time at Disneyland.

Kids must wait for Donald Duck,
No house, no home, no food, no luck,
Whole families smashed, I understand:
Bad dream time at Disneyland.

Sleeping Beauty's breath has stopped,
Must have been the bombs they dropped,
Like refugees, they steam and stream:
Disneyland, a bad, bad dream.

Bad Dream In Disneyland
A 'ceasefire' began in Southern Lebanon, after over a hundred civilians had died. Air passengers in the UK were obliged to carry minimal hand luggage in clear plastic bags, and, according to Willie Walsh of British Airways, to wait in 'queues like a bad dream at Disneyland'.
16 August 2006


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