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Yes Dear

We've been together:
so long. The constitution of an ox
and a donkey. No, dear,

the clocks don't tell weather:
it's time. We hold hands
and stand still. No, dear,

that isn't the thunder:
it's over. The sounds of the sirens
are muffled. No, dear,

there's no need to wonder:
that's it. We have here a piece
of paper, fancy. No, dear,

we won't say we're grateful:
no thanks. They were trying to
tie us in knots. No, dear,

our eyes met, fateful:
see you. For we have been blessed
in settling our differences. Yes, dear.

Yes Dear
The world's first 80th wedding anniversary was celebrated. Husband Percy Arrowsmith attributed its happy longevity to two words: “Yes Dear”. The French voted No to the European constitution.
June 1 2005


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