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All Change

You thought the clocks were forward-turning,

You thought the daffs were waiting meekly:

But there are those who, undiscerning,

Are thinking Winter, thinking bleakly –

While you wait for the hollyhocks,

They’re busy turning back the clocks.


How high and blithe it sounds, ‘Academy’:

A puffed-up bird, with regal tongue,

Its eyes are onyx, tar-macadamy,

It feasts itself upon its young –

It makes a shrill, unnerving racket.

Its minder pockets quite a packet.


So while you think the clock is ticking,

And there is sunshine in the offing,

In fact the mechanism’s sticking:

The system’s ill. You hear it coughing.

One size will suit them all, they say –

Ill-fitting, costly, foolish, grey.


You thought the clocks would gain an hour,

You thought the buds were primed and perky:

But now the light is pale, is sour,

And soon it will be downright murky:

While you wait for the flowering phlox,

They’re busy winding down the clocks.





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All Change

The clocks ‘change’ on Sunday. Every school is to become an ‘academy’ by 2020.

25 March 2016


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