the weekly


I am an android aide

In a class of eighty-two –

I keep the children on parade

And tell them what to do


No question is too sticky

Or even tarmacadam-y

Nothing is too tricky

In this robot-run academy


I am their bell, all trembly

I ring in moral fibre

I am each day’s assembly

My theme is always cyber


Of course I have no feeling

Of course I don’t emote

My lessons aren’t appealing

They’re all prepared by rote


I manage all the tables

Assessments – they’re the best!

I sort out all the labels

On the new tri-weekly test


I know where every coat is

I have no time for slackers

But I’ve handed in my notice

The marking drove me crackers



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Girls from the Girls Schools’ Association predicted that robots would take the place of teachers in fifty years. All schools are to be made ‘academies’ by 2022.

17 March 2016


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