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Please recall the Boris

Return him to his maker

He may be spouting Horace

But he’s a giant fakir

Recall his celebrations

Although his party bickers

Recall his incantations

And very tiny snickers


Please recall the Boris

Since he is full of bull

He’ll maybe dance the Morris

But oh what wool he’ll pull

His elephantine diction

Disguises wordy slime

He’s a man of great conviction

As in criminal, and crime


Please recall the Boris

His mouth is full of plastic

His speech is verbal forest

His whoppers are shagtastic

Recall him from the hustings

With mirrors and with smoke

Recall his tongue (disgusting!)

Before his listeners choke


How far is’t called to Forres?

Said Banquo to Macbeth

And like Macbeth, this Boris

Will bring us ugly death

His taste is quite appalling

His texture’s fair but foul

Recall the beast, stop stalling!

Don’t leave him on the prowl!



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Boris Johnson will vote to take Britain out of the EU – a matter of ‘conscience’, allegedly. Mars recalled chocolate from 55 countries, after plastic was found in a Snickers bar.

24 February 2016


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