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Oh dear Vice-Chancellor

Struggling for fees

Who says you can’t sell de-

Grees if you please –

Why hunker down with a mere quarter-mill?

Everyone else has their hands in the till.


Why such a long face,

Mouth very sour?

Is it the wrong place,

An ivory tower?

Thinking of others, and what they’ll be creaming

When working where spires are fitfully dreaming?


God save your mission

To bolster the needy –

It’s only tradition

That you should be greedy –

Hike up your pay, it’s certainly best to,

And besides, you can argue it’s just what the rest do.


Bankers and brokers

With powder-white necks

Compare with the jokers

They call Chief Execs:

Once they’ve established which ladder, what rung,

They’ll get, and do join them, a whopping great bung.




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“Vice-chancellors at UK universities received average salary packages of £272,000 last year - up by some £12,000 on the previous year, a study suggests. Universities UK said the pay of bosses was in line with similarly sized public and private organisations.” (BBC)

February 11 2016


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