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Barbie Shop

Show me now how glamour purrs,

From Diaobingshan to Derby –

You’re all a bunch of amateurs

Compared to brand-new Barbie.


From Duque de Caxias to Darfur

She’s as supple as awabi –

With twenty-eight styles of coiffure:

Beyond our ken is Barbie.


From Daiquiri to Dundee cake

Her scoff is hyper-carby –

You think she’s thin? That’s some mistake!

Play spot-the-bulge with Barbie.


From Darlington to Dosquebradas

And where they speak Punjabi

She apes your mothers and your fathers –

She has no gender, Barbie.


From Dzerzhinsk down to Durg and Delhi

From Trudeau to Mugabe

Foreign leaders watch her belly

Rise in size. Ah Barbie …


From Davenport to Durgapur,

She’s hotter than wasabi:

What kind of girl would Sir prefer?

I think you’ll find it’s Barbie.


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Barbie Shop

Barbie is being re-launched with seven skin tones, three body shapes, and twenty-eight hairstyles.

29 January 2016


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