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Lord Levy (a cautionary tale)

Lord Levy, once a Pop Tycoon,
When Alvin Stardust made us swoon,
Was probably the kind of child
Who almost always smiled and smiled,
And quietly was thrilled to Bits
When Artists brought him Super Hits.
(He also made a Bob or Two
With classics like My Coo Ca Choo.)
In later years, Lord Levy went
To help the Head of Government,
His tennis partner, Tony Blair,
Who also smiled with perfect care.
Lord Levy threw a Decent Bash:
The Labour Party, strapped for Cash,
Was always given quite a lift
When Guests, requested for a gift,
Provided money to sustain
His friend's Electoral Campaign.
Lord Levy worked with such a Will
That soon the Labour Party till
Was ringing like Cathedral Chimes.
These were the very best of times:
Lord Levy, with a modest gleam,
Smiled like the Cat who ate the Cream.
But some suggested that the Donors
Were offered something of a Bonus –
To wit, that as their Just Rewards,
Some folk were told that they'd be Lords,
And this, of course, one can't ignore,
Because it is Against The Law.
You may pay for Health, but not, I fear,
To be ennobled as a Peer.
Policemen (very smartly dressed)
Produced a Warrant For Arrest
And took Lord Levy to the Nick,
Which cut Lord Levy to the Quick.
But through it all, this Prince of Pop
Retained his grin. It did not stop.
The charges nearly drove him wild,
But gracious! how Lord Levy smiled!

Lord Levy (a cautionary tale)

Lord Levy, the Labour Party's most assiduous fund-raiser, was arrested by the police in connection with the 'cash for honours' affair. There was speculation that the trail might lead eventually to the heart of Downing Street.

with apologies to Hilaire Belloc

July 18 2006


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