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You understand our sentiments:

We are soft as putty here.

Of course it is in self-defence

We count your rights so high, so dear –

Your wedding rings, your family snaps,

We shan’t take those. The rest, perhaps.


Of course, if you have quite a stash

Of coin, or notes, or IOUs,

We’ll snaffle most of it. Your cash

Must help to pay for what you use.

And if you’ve very pretty hair,

We’ll shave and save it. So, prepare.


If you arrive with foreign lingo,

Please leave it by the customs post:

If you are fond of God or Bingo,

Empty your hearts. What we like most

Are cyphers, single, strong and meek,

Who nod their heads and do not speak.


What’s strictly personal is yours –

We mean of course, your small effects.

The rest (please read the tiny clause) –

Your personality, your sex,

Your rights, your views, your savoir faire,

Your passport – please just leave them there.





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The Full Danish

The Danish government is seeking to enact a law allowing them to strip migrants of all but personal pictures, wedding rings and 10,000 krone.

13 January 2016


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