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Reading Scheme

Books don’t help to box-tick

Books don’t bring good health

Book are really toxic

They murder you by stealth


They creep in through the eyeball

Pour poison in the iris

And even King James’ Bible

Will start a nasty virus


Books are full of theories

Books are dim and vague

A book may think. It wearies

Books are like the plague


Books don’t come with jam in

Books may make you bleed

Books may start a famine

Books won’t help you read


Books are not a bargain

Books will take up space

Books are filled with jargon

Books are a disgrace


Libraries, like dead dugs

Never will sustain you

Like head-lice, fleas and bed-bugs

They will not entertain you


Books should all be hidden

Away from public gaze

Store them in a midden

Or better, start a blaze





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Reading Scheme

The Dept of Culture Media and Sport has been accused of failing to fulfil their legal obligations, by librarians, who are taking the Dept to court

17 December 2015


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