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Britain has its mojo,

Donald has his trump –

They pump their fists

And shake their wrists

When out there on the stump.


As with General Tojo

Here’s Donald’s razor wit –

A bitter guile,

An empty smile

And talking utter shit.


The public – also Bojo –

Don’t buy what Donald sells,

As well as doubting

What Dave’s spouting:

Their speech is off. It smells.


But Britain has its mojo –

Perhaps not in Dundee –

And we insist it

Earns its biscuit.

So kill some kids for me.


And, dancing like a Gojo,

As thin as Donald’s quiff,

We gift to George

Some words to forge,

And watch his tongue grow stiff.




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Britain has its mojo back, according to George Osborne, now that it is bombing Daesh in Syria. (Actually, he told the Daily Mail that Britain had recovered its mojo on October 3rd, so whether this is the same one, or a second mojo, is unclear.) Even Boris Johnson was suspicious of the figure of 70,000 moderates (waiting to help us in Syria) offered by David Cameron as a justification for going in. Donald Trump said he would ban Muslims from entering America.

8 December 2015


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