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I am George, I’m drop-dead gorgeous,

your lucky uncle, changing tack –

not the member of the Borgias:

here’s your pocket-money back.


Like all forgers, I am smiling

the quiet rictus of magicians –

all the while I am beguiling

with my little trick positions.


You’re compiling dossiers

of how I saved you all from ruin –

see me in this sudden haze?

Nothing doing; I’m a shoo-in.


If you gaze into the crystal,

drifting far away from thought,

you may spot the canny fiscal

stunt I’ve pulled. I’ve caught you short:


flick of wrist’ll hide my theft –

any answers? Any offers?

I think you’ll find there’s NOTHING LEFT

in your local council coffers.



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George Osborne was alleged to have done a U-turn in his autumn budget

26 November 2015


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