the weekly

Cultural Exchange

Today we give you

                a volume of poems by

the Basho street kids:


when pigs are flying

                through riots of pink blossom

all humans have rights,


some more than others.

                There aren’t enough syllables

to mention them all.


Ponds, frogs, crows, petals,

                mists, the dusk, and cicadas –

but best of all, hawks.


By the way, haiku

                are Japanese, but you won't

know they're different.


You give us the gift

                of old songs by Prince Philip –

such rich ironies! –


we especially

                liked the one about Inky

Chinky Chinaman!


In our country, he

                would have been murdered in cold

blue blood! Ha ha ha!

Cultural Exchange

"...the heads of state exchanged gifts, with the Queen presenting Xi with a hand-tooled edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The Chinese president gave her two CDs of music by his wife, a celebrated folk singer, Peng Liyuan." (The Guardian on the Chinese President's visit.)

21 October 2015


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