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Old Sports

Billy the Kid playing croquet:

It isn’t as mad as it sounds –

A hoodlum who murdered. Well, okay:

Perhaps he had plenty of grounds.

Perhaps he had far too much blood on his palate.

But perhaps he was useful at swinging a mallet.


Vladimir Putin and judo:

He plays some ice hockey as well.

I bet that he’s vicious at Ludo –

Personal issues. That’s swell.

Perhaps he is keen on the Syrian arts.

But maybe he likes maiming bodily parts.


Barack Obama and golfing:

A seventeen handicap, too.

He could have been riding on dolphins –

But he licenses fighters on cue.

Perhaps he can sleep to the sound of a rotor.

Or maybe the killing is part of a quota.


Billy the Kid favoured jump shots:

There wasn’t much wrong with his wiring.

He preferred the bad apples to kumquats –

He found triple peels very tiring.

There he is, thinking of firing his gun:

Or maybe he’s simply enjoying his fun.




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Putin ‘explains’ in The Independent


Old Sports

A photo of Billy the Kid – only the second ever to be validated – was found. He was playing croquet. There was much speculation about what Vladimir Putin was up to in Syria. No good, said the Americans.

14 October 2015


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