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One Way Out

We have to work like Asian

We have to work like Yank

Must meet each work occasion

Like brand new armour tank


We must not be so idle

We must do hard hard work

We must wear bit and bridle

All income is a perk


Poor Mr. Hunt and Missus

She is of Chinese birth

We don’t want her to diss us

Must show what we are worth


Yes we worth top yen

Yes we worth top dollar

Must score eleven out of ten

Or face eternal squalor


But there, we're not as poor as peas

We have a micro-wave

Unless we come from north of Tees

Where all is early grave


No matter that, for Northern folk

Have all a mobile phone

And therefore are they never broke

Nor starving to the bone


And anyway we fetch up

In hospice oh so kind

We may die in the sweatshop

But never never mind


This is a lovely place to die

For life is back to front

Working hard we wave goodbye

Oh thank you Mr. Hunt!


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One Way Out

The UK is the best place to die, according to a survey. Jeremy Hunt urged workers to work like Asians or Americans because he has a Chinese wife. Alan Sugar said there was no such thing as poverty, except in the North, where they had mobile phones.

6 October 2015


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