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Sum Like It Hot

In Health and Coefficiency,
Two theorems discuss
The slick and wicked symmetry
Of a palpitating plus.

Take away David Beckham, and what's the difference?

The square on the hypotenuse
Wears spats and does the rhumba:
And if his angle's not obtuse,
He rolls another number.

What is the root of bling?

Let x and xy conjugate:
They'll do it by degrees,
And in their prime, they'll demonstrate
Some soft isosceles.

What is the average wage of a Premiership Footballer, divided by the cost of a ticket?

The sexy parallelogram
Has a most uncommon factor:
He drinks a fraction of a dram
By using his protractor.

If style is well wicked, what is the price of a belly-button stud?

The paradox is super-cool:
Her Mobius strip's bizarre -
She sets aside the golden rule,
Whips off her algebra.

“The world record is 74.08 metres.” Discus.

Sum Like It Hot
A new initiative aims to make Mathematics a 'cool' subject. “The problems will be based around things which appeal to pupils, such as fashion, football and the Olympics,” said Education Secretary Alan Johnson.
28 June 2006


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