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Jezza Belle

Jeremy wears guts for garters

Jeremy will eat cold shoulder

Can’t hold candles to our martyrs

Is an origami folder


Jeremy won’t cook his chickens

Jeremy is pot black kitten

What the trollope not the dickens

Is once shy and hardly bitten


Jeremy chews dogs for breakfast

Jeremy hangs out with thugs

Breaks opponents slowly, neck-first

Is involved in selling drugs


Jeremy is all Attila

Jeremy is hardcore sex

Chokes young throats with Polyfilla

Never calls a puppy Rex


Jeremy tells his flame This Kiss Must

Last Forever – I’m Too Busy

Jeremy does not like Christmas

Bans a drink if it’s too fizzy


Jeremy dislikes a kidder

Jeremy thinks guns are fun

And, too awful to consider

Has been known to read the Sun



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Jezza Belle

Jeremy Corbyn is accused of many crimes, including saying he would abolish the army. Unfortunately, he didn't say it.

17 September 2015


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