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Life In The Faslane

Of course it’s deadly serious,

Of course it matters greatly:

You may sound, George, imperious,

But where have you been lately?

Should Britain’s subs call someone’s bluff,

We’d gain two ticks. Is that enough?


By all that is unholy,

By all that is absurder,

You may be speaking slowly

About our great self-murder:

Should Britain’s bombs be once deployed,

You’d join us all inside a void.


If we say, rather strident,

We have Poseidon’s force,

That we are launching Trident,

We’d all be dead of course.

Why give them half a thousand mill.

When all of us recall the drill? –


We’ll bomb you if you don’t bomb us,

We have the will, don’t knock it:

Here’s a whizz-bang straight from us,

A brand-new nuclear rocket.

Is this effective, Ozzy, mate?

Is this perhaps a desperate state?


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Life In The Faslane

George Osborne announced, before a review on the future of Trident, that Faslane base is to get half-a-million. He called Jeremy Corbyn a ‘deadly serious [threat]’, and described the SNP and Labour as ‘an unholy alliance’.

2 September 2015


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