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Darlo is my darling

Very few can top this town

(The northern Monte Carlo)

We’re off to burnish up our crown

In jubilo, in darlo

At night, the residents eat cake

Bask in an orange glow

And happiness is wide awake

In darlo jubilo


The colours here are bright and warm

(As rich as Frieda Kahlo)

We are the children of a storm

In jubilo, in darlo

At dusk, we sing like nightingales

And rise at dawn like dough

And no-one’s courage ever fails

In darlo jubilo


You’ll hunt in vain to find the flaws

(Though you had Philip Marlowe*)                 * or, Inspector Barlow

But you may join in our applause

In jubilo, in darlo

We speak like Homer, rhyme like Keats

Or hear the wild grass grow

And please ignore the reeking streets

In darlo jubilo


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Darlo is my darling

Darlington has been found to be the 7th best town in the UK in the ‘happiest and most affordable’ list. This is only three months after its high street was voted number 14 in the ‘most unhealthy street in the UK’ …

19 August 2015


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