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Here they are: the wastrels and the pasty-faced poltroons,

The ones who really shouldn’t be allowed across the borders,

The ginks, unthinking idiots, the ghastlies and the goons,

The mannequins, the modest-brained, the gang-men, the marauders.


They chunter in their beards, they wear their folly in their faces,

They should be banned from breathing, we might catch what they have got,

They need to be restrained, and that upon the simplest basis,

They might be best arrested on the dot and on the spot.


There isn’t any sense in letting their sort through the door,

They don’t contribute anything, they’re always on the make:

They fleece our helpless people and they even rob the poor –

And all of them are known as brutal boneheads, for God’s sake.


Yes that’s the British Cabinet: the lawless, simply weird,

The dubious, the bankrupt, the lubricious and the dull –

A Cabinet that should be very swiftly disappeared –

In fact perhaps it’s time that we should organise a cull.



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Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said there were “large numbers of pretty desperate migrants marauding” around Calais.

12 August 2015


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