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What’s it all about, chilli?

Is it only the heat we forgive?

What’s the sauce about, when you pour it out, chilli?

Does it mean we have more months to live?

Or do we eff as we blind?


And if


Any food’s unkind, chilli,

Then I guess we’re surprised that it’s cruel –

And if life is long when the heat is strong, chilli …

When will it end as we’re told, sold in school?


As sure as I believe in my garlic and rice, chilli

I owe my tastebuds much more

(Sometimes even Happy Eaters like to season)


I believe in spice, chilli –

Without raw spice we’re round the twist, chilli

Without a burned mouth, why persist

In eating, chilli?


You’ll stay young, let your tongue lead the way

If you eat spice every day, chilli…


Chilli …



Click here to hear Cilla sing Alfie


Click here for a story in The Independent



Cilla Black died. Chinese researchers think that eating chilli and garlic makes us live longer.


(With apologies to Bacharach and David)

5 August 2015


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