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Yes we can yes yes yes

Big Ears comes over to Noddy

And jingles his bells with a grin;

He says, “Let’s have a look at your body.”

Noddy responds with a grin.


Rag, Tag and Bobtail go clubbing,

But how did they each have a child?

By the stoat whose requests they kept snubbing?

Or is it that countryside’s wild?


The Soup Dragon fancies Small Clanger:

She tells him his whistle is bonny –

He goes to her bed to harangue her:

“Our sex-life is right up the swanee.”


Bob tries it on. Here is Wendy –

“Bob, can you sign for this shipment?

Can you fix it? It looks over-bendy.”

Perhaps she’ll inspect his equipment.


Bananaman flirts with Fiona,

But she tells him his passion is needless:

“Stop skin-splitting! I am a loner!

And besides, I’ve been told that you’re seedless!”



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Yes we can yes yes yes

Goedele Liekens, a UN ambassador for sexual health, has suggested parents should discuss the sex life of Bob the Builder with toddlers.

with apologies to Muffin the Mule. You are too obvious.

29 June 2015


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