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Chamber Music

Here is the end of the peerage

Here we will run out of stoat

The sort who you thought were in steerage

Or possibly sailing the boat

Are filling their seats where we once filled our boots

They don’t have the nose for protecting our roots


Lloyd George, it is said, knew my father

But Pa never knew of Lloyd George

Did my people despise him? Well rather

The crowds here put bile in his gorge

Now there’s a thousand want red seats to kip

The whole bloody system is sinking the ship


The pay here is frightfully meagre

But that doesn’t impinge on this crew –

My God they’re so awfully eager

And none have a notion or clue

I blame the Cabinet. Most went to Eton

Quite frankly the lot of them ought to be beaten


And wait till this Labour poll’s over

And they’re under King Corbyn the First

They’ll all want to join us in clover

Before Jeremy works up a thirst

We’ll not see the Woolsack, and, fearful to say

We’ll not see what wine we are drinking today



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Chamber Music

The House of Lords could grow to 1000 members. Jeremy Corbyn is said to be in the lead in the battle to become Labour leader.

22 July 2015


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