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Take Me To Their Leader

A welcome to the pentaquark

Arriving from the deep and dark:

“If Tories like it, let it stay,”

Said Harriet Harman yesterday.


For years it has evaded Science,

But now it seeks mankind’s alliance:

“If liked by a Conservative,”

Said Harman, “we have love to give.”


The pentaquark is lean and mean,

And hardly ever, ever seen:

“If Cameron buys it, so shall we,”

Said Harriet. “That’s democracy.”


Who knows if it’s a useless article,

The PQ, Hadron’s brand new particle?

“Who cares if it’s the Tories’ pet?

We’ll add applause,” said Harriet.


Something nasty in the wild –

Like charging for an extra child –

But if the Tories claim it’s tame,

Says Harriet, “It’s all the same.”


The pentaquark may have green teeth,

And wear its poison underneath:

But we can’t argue if it’s vicious.

Because that’s not, says H, propitious.


No proper opposition party

Should ever try to seem a smartie:

“Dear Pentaquark,” sang HH, “you

May be a Con, but we’re all Blue.”



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Take Me To Their Leader

The pentaquark was discovered by the Hadron Collider. Harriet Harman, Labour’s interim leader, has said the party must not oppose welfare cuts imposed by the Conservatives.

15 July 2015


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