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Publicity Seekers

However hard or soft the soap,
You cannot beat a length of rope
To show there really is no hope –

Ensure your images persist
By opening your throat or wrist:
It gives your tale an extra twist –

Make your pitch like no-one has,
And razz your life with great matazz,
Suicide is just the jazz –

If your life is less than thrilling
And the public seems unwilling,
Give yourself a decent killing –

Adverts must be snappy, daffy,
Must add au lait to your café,
So shoot your mouth off, Colleen Graffy.

Publicity Seekers
Three suicides at Guantanamo Bay were described as a 'good PR move to draw attention' by Colleen Graffy. She's the USA's Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for... Public Diplomacy.
14 June 2006


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