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Here is the sound of the coast

The muzak of any old sun

The boats grind ashore to be caught by the law

Time to see justice is done


The water laps over the shoulder

The sea flows through ear-holes, through eyes

Let’s tape all this shouting as if it’s an outing

Give the future a lovely surprise


Wish you were with the baggage

The people the baggage conceals

No, do bring the mike over here if you like:

This gargling’s worth several reels


This one washed up on a Sunday

We taped all its efforts at breath

It would still make a noise full of infinite joys

If it hadn’t been drowning to death


Isn’t it like this in Britain?

The language of shorelines, of shores?

Here down in Italy, they sing rather bitterly –

We don’t offer any applause


We’re not handing out any plaudits

They’re here not to give but to take

If you fish through the dunes, they have very few tunes –

What curious soundscapes they make!


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The migrant death rate in the Mediterranean slowed, probably because of the increase in search-and-rescue boats. The National Trust is asking members of the public to record ‘a sound map’ of the coastline of the UK.

23 June 2015


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