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Now that it is over

Now that we are split

I feel that I’m in clover

I think I’m fighting fit –

All those years I feared a break

Would bring me pain and stomach-ache!


Now I have the papers

Now that I am single

I haven’t got the vapours

And feel my senses jingle –

All those nights I feared the rumour:

Separation starts a tumour!


Now I’m more than nisi

Now we’re cut in half

I see with a precise eye

How much I love to laugh –

All those weeks I lay in dread

That my divorce would leave me dead!


Now we’ve had the bust-up

Now our vows are done

There’s no need for a dust-up

Goodness me what fun! –

All that time, my dear physician,

I thought I’d like more coalition!



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A study by the Institute of Education and the LSE found that, contrary to previous research, divorcees do not become more unhealthy. The LibDem leadership contest entered its final month.

17 June 2015


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