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On Top Of The World

While climbing downwards from the peak,
They passed a helpless figure:
His grip on life was very weak,
His mortis almost rigor.

Yet once, he'd almost led the pack,
The bruiser of the bunch;
It seemed that fate had paid him back
With one great sucker punch.

His speech, although insensible,
Could just be understood:
'My conduct - reprehensible -
Don't leave me here for good.'

Alas, the hapless summiteer
Was utterly ignored.
They trampled on his cold career,
And someone cut his cord.

'Why do you leave my job for dead?'
He called out in despair,
And dimly, someone paused, and said
'Because it isn't there.'

On Top Of The World
A record number of climbers has perished on Everest this year, including a dying Briton ignored by about ten climbers on their way to and from its summit. Pressure grew on John Prescott to step down as Deputy Prime Minister.
31 May 2006


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