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Good For Us

Time to learn to skin a rabbit

Time to cook with powdered egg

To tug the forelock out of habit

To carve oneself a wooden leg


Austerity is perfect for us

Teaches us what right is right

Has us whistling in a chorus

Teeth made out of Bakelite


Darn the skin and stitch the cut

Water down the local ale

Make sure Sunday shops are shut

Put the children up for sale


No, it’s for the common good

Austerity will keep us sweet

Making do is understood

Help me mend the winding sheet



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Good For Us

‘Heritage’ crafts once written off as old fashioned are experiencing a renaissance fuelled by recent austerity, with the skills possessed by the country’s elders now coveted by the under 25s, according to the Royal Voluntary Service.

22 April 2015


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