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The Return of the Budgie

Here is the uncaped crusader

Here is the Robin of old

Here is the seventeenth cousin of Vader

Here is the cure for the cold


Here is the wock as in jabber

Here is the cap that won’t fit

Here is the mouth of the serial blabber

Here is the pendulum’s pit


Here is the flap as in doodle

Here is the myth that’s a mile

Here is the perm that was worn by a poodle

Here is the substance of style


Don’t have to fall in his Crisco

Don’t have to swallow his guff

Don’t have to dance to the beat of his disco

The nineties were more than enough


Here he is, Ed’s big supporter

Here is his free-floating cred

Oh God that the endless election were shorter

I think I’ll vote UKIP instead


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Click here for the original Tony Blair Reminds Me Of A Budgie (this is a Sunderland supporter’s site; mine is being worked on)


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The Return of the Budgie

Tony Blair asked everyone to vote for Ed Miliband. Sigh.

April 7 2015


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